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Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

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Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

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Howdy folks! We are now on our second week of “Inbound Marketing”. Last week we covered blogs, why you need one, how to start one, and how to reap the mega hardcore benefits.


This week is all about newsletters (hence our cute little NSquared man over there). And needless to say, he has some pretty cool news to share this week.


I could go on and on about why newsletters are the bomb, but TobyDuckett posted an article called 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter on businesszone that sums it up quite nicely.



“10 reasons why your business needs a newsletter


Building relationships with your customers, clients and prospects is crucial in this age of social media. Companies who embrace relationship building as part of their marketing activity are far more likely to generate customer loyalty and repeat business, plus it is far cheaper to target your existing customers than it is to generate new leads.
Email newsletters (or e-newsletters) are an incredibly efficient way for your company to keep in touch with customers and prospects, encouraging a steady stream of leads. People guard their email inboxes mercilessly these days which means that being granted permission to send them a newsletter gives you an opportunity to build and nurture a unique relationship. This is an arena where you can truly stand out from the competition.


Here are our top ten reasons why your business should have a newsletter:

  • 1. Newsletters create a more personal and intimate connection with your prospects and clients
  • 2. Newsletters keep you in front of your target market until they are ready to buy
  • 3. Newsletters ensure people don’t forget about you
  • 4. Newsletters give you a platform to display your expertise on a deeper level
  • 5. Newsletters help to generate customer loyalty
  • 6. Newsletters belong to you – there’s no dependency on social media trends or terms of use
  • 7. Newsletter lists are one of the biggest assets your company can have
  • 8. Newsletters give you the opportunity to really get to know your customers
  • 9. Newsletters save you money by nurturing existing leads and allowing you to market to existing followers
  • 10. Newsletters let you tailor-make your offerings to your ideal customer by tapping into what they really want from you.


Pretty great, huh? Welcome to the world of newsletters! Stay tuned this week. Trust me (and our cute NSquared news guy), you don’t want to miss out.


Contact us if you’re interested in boosting your business with weekly newsletters. It’s the right thing to do…

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