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  • Jun 12 / 2013
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Handwritten Notes Still Exist

pensIt’s true folks! Can you believe it? There are other ways of communication besides texting, tweeting, and face-booking.Check out 17 Handwritten Notes That Will Make You Smile…if you’d like to eh, well, smile!







“17 Handwritten Notes That Will Make You Smile




While handwritten notes can cause a lot of problems (see: Romeo and Juliet; your biology class), they haven’t lost their appeal. Especially when they’re sweet and sincere, like the ones below.





1. Found tied to a balloon — the most emotionally charged balloon since the one in Up.


Image courtesy of Reddit, ChrevanGohas




2. Found after the dog owner put the pet down. This kid has mastered the condolence card.


Image courtesy of Reddit, vexillifer




3. Found after a teacher confiscated a student’s note. If kids today are creating low-tech versions of classic memes, there might be hope for the next generation after all.


Image courtesy of Reddit, staplemaniac




4. Found by someone who now knows there are still good people out there.

Image courtesy of Reddit, flowhawke





5. Found by someone with an adorable mom — hopefully on top of a sandwich with the crusts cut off.


Image courtesy of Reddit, DovhPasty




6. Found on a car by a woman whose day was definitely made.


Image courtesy of Reddit, pamaci




7. Found by the girl who said yes; posted by the boy who’s still with her, years after learning the difference between “no” and “know.”


Image courtesy of Reddit, revulv




8. Found by a wife, 25 years after her husband’s death.


Image courtesy of Reddit, fistfullaberries




9. Found by a tired retail worker who now knows her work is appreciated.


Image courtesy of Reddit, CheckALLtheusernames




10. Found by a veteran whose sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Image courtesy of Reddit, Jermny




11. Found in a book — without a followup note on just how righteous the concert was.


Image courtesy of Reddit, drummergirl103




12. Found by a grateful car owner.

nice guy

Image courtesy of Reddit, /untitledleaflets





13. Found by a fellow Redditor who discovered he’s not alone.

A stranger placed this note on my desk after my biochem class today... the guy quickly ran off before I could say anything


Image courtesy of Reddit, yanchanator




14. Found by a student with an amazing semester ahead.


Image courtesy of Reddit, halpiee




15. Found in an elevator.


Image courtesy of Reddit, Nechronic420




16. Found on the Golden Gate Bridge, for those who need it most.


Image courtesy of Reddit, V1llainHD




17. Found by a waiter, who now knows of his superior skill.

Classy kids.


Image courtesy of Reddit, dankNbeans12






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