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  • Jul 29 / 2013
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Why Do Tradesmen Need Websites?

Boots_webHey there NSquared readers!


Picture yourself in this scenario: Today you are going to go shopping. You hop in your car, drive to the store, walk inside, and put your blindfold on. Sound strange? Would you want to go shopping for your merchandise if you couldn’t even see it? Our guess is no.


That is precisely why tradesmen need websites! Check out, Why Does a Tradesman Need a Website, below:




“Why Does A Tradesman Need A Website?




Okay, here’s a scenario for you that I’m sure is quite common and you’ve had this experience yourself.



Sally needs a tradesman for some work to be done on her home.



Sally opens the Yellow Pages to find a tradesman, but which type of tradesman does she need?  All of the ads are basically the same, a couple of dot points showing the services provided and a phone number.



How does Sally choose the tradesman who is right for the job?  She reads all of the ads, looking for something that stands out …. she needs more information.  She notices some of the ads include websites.



Sally begins using the Internet and visits these websites.



Sally can now compare these tradesman and their services by reading the additional information about each business and view photos of projects they have completed.  Some of the websites even have testimonials from satisfied customers.



Sally can now make an informed decision about which tradesman to hire.  After the work is completed, Sally gives the tradesman a testimonial to add to the website … consider this an online version of word of mouth advertising.”






Contact us if you need a website that will show off your stuff! After all, a potential customer/client is much more likely to choose you if he or she can see your work. Have a happy Monday!

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