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  • May 20 / 2013
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Online Market Analysis

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This week we are wrapping up our inbound marketing series. We covered everything from blogs and newsletters to social media. Now it’s time to discuss the final topic: market analysis. Blogs, newsletters, and social media are all things that can boost your business…but in order to take advantage of the best benefits possible, it’s important to tailor your strategy to what works. How do you know what works? Market Analysis…and in this case, online market analysis tools.


Analysis of Online Marketing Campaigns has a great, short snippet to get you started.




“Establishment of a Web Analytics System



The establishment of a web analytics system is the next step in the effective marketing analysis construction. We recommend using Google Analytics because it is free and easy to operate. It features great functionality to receive almost all necessary data.



The installationof this system consists of two simple steps:

  • Installation of Google Analytics code (simply adding several code lines to all pages of a site)
  • Setting of goals tracking. You need to follow your KPI here. For example, if you need to get data about the amount of new buyers and the quantity of goods in one purchase, you should set two goals: “New customer” and “Successful sale”.


Also you should define other reliable data sources (for example, Twitter, keyword research in Wordtracker, call-center software etc.). And it is better not to change ways of data gathering, because it can influence data reliability.



Some tricks that can help to organize tracking of the most common goals:



1) Calls tracking:

  • You may set up phone numbers depending on traffic sources
  • Your employee may ask users to perform certain action on a site (to press «Thanks for your call» button,  to press «CTRL+Enter») which will be defined as the purpose «Successful call»
  • A combined method (If the client names, for example, the product code during the call, a special script is executed automatically on his computer)


2) Tracking files downloads (price list, case studies, company profile …). The simplest way is adding “onclick” parameter to links with these files, which allows performing a virtual page view for Google Analytics.



3) Tracking registered users. If you want to monitor behavior of registered users you may assign users to “custom variables” in Google Analytics while registering on a site, and then segment these users depending on values of these variables.




Contact us if you want your inbound marketing tracked and optimized. Stick to what works!

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