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  • Dec 16 / 2013
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How to Dress Like Your Favorite Muppet

Welcome to a new week NSquared readers!The Muppets



This particular Monday we thought we would publish one of our most important articles ever. How to dress like your favorite Muppet. You might be asking yourself what this has to do with inbound marketing, PC repair, IT consulting, or some of the other awesome services we provide and the answer is: nothing.



Prepare to have your world rocked. And please, do us a favor. If you do hit the streets with some of these duds at a Christmas party or family gathering, leave a comment or a picture.

Here we go folks, let the Muppet madness begin!




“8 Ways to Dress Like Your Favorite Muppet


If you’re walking around wishing you could give your wardrobe a little more whimsy, we’re here to help — well, us and our stylish Muppet pals.



Kermit and company offer inspiration on how to inject some colorful fun into your outfits. Whether you find yourself with an inner frog who knows it isn’t easy bein’ green or possessed by a fuzzy blue cookie fiend, you can find way to work Muppet into your closet.



After digging around Etsy, we found all the items you need to channel your favorite felt friends.



Maybe this year you’ll rock the Miss Piggy look for your office holiday get together — or just cozy up at home with a big comfy sweater and your favorite book of “knock knock” jokes.





Homepage Image: Neilson Barnard/The Muppets Studio/Getty Images”



(Top Right Image Credit: Flickr/ Michelle O’Connell Photography)



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