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  • May 02 / 2013
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How Your Blog Can Generate Leads



We have talked about how blogging in general can have major benefits. But what are the specific perks? We will talk about one today… *Cue curious glance towards the image on the left*…leads!


According to Jeff Molander with Target Marketing, it is possible to increase leads from your blog in a few months. Making Social Sell is a nifty article explaining how. Check it out below.


5 Steps to Generating Leads From Your Blog in Just a Few Months


By Jeff Molander | Posted on April 26, 2013

“How long should it take to start generating leads on my blog?” The answer will surprise you. In many cases we’re talking about just a few months.




Yes, really.


Here’s proof and five steps you can take right now to make it happen for you.


A Few Months? Really?
Ed Worthington of Action Business Systems sells office copiers and service contracts—faster and more often with his blog. It took him just a few months to get his first copier sales leads from his blog, Ed Worthington’s Baltimore Copier Buying GuideOpens in a new window. Prospects found his blog on Google and contacted him.


What’s his secret? Ed blogs in question-and-answer format. This helps him get found by clients searching for helpful advice. He also writes blog articles that  give customers guidance-making sure they don’t get ripped off. He steers them clear of risks.


But being helpful, transparent, honest and all that jazz is not the key. Ed explains solutions to problems customers have in ways that create clarity AND active curiosity in him.


This creates response! (leads)


Todd Giannattasio , of Tresnic Media, challenged himself to write 50 articles in 25 days. His results? 1,000 percent increase in targeted traffic to his website and, within a few months, business leads.


In some cases, it can take as little as two days to get listed on page 1 of Google … if you play your cards right. And if you have a track record of posting relevant, actionable content in ways the Googlebot can understand.

Here’s an example of a video I uploaded, optimized for keywords and Google listed on page 1 in just two days.

How Can You Get Results Like This?
Let’s talk about what it means to “play your cards right” and start getting leads in a few months.


Here’s what to do:


First, I’ll be honest. I’m not getting leads from my Vimeo video listing that is 2 days old. But will I soon? Yes.


I know this based on my success with the below formula. Here’s what to do:


1. Do your homework: Understand how your prospects search on Google. I know many of my prospects are trying to start “using LinkedIn for sales leads.” Plus I see HubSpot has top placement here. This search term is important enough for them to be there, too.


2. Solve a problem. Ed Worthington knows people want to avoid getting ripped off when buying office copiers. And I know people need to find a way to start using LinkedIn for sales leads. Ed and I solve problems. This is essential for you to focus on when writing blog titles and articles. Right now, ask yourself: What pressing problem do I solve? What pain do I remove? What pleasure do I create? What freedom do I permit? What connection do I allow?


3. Create response. My videos and blog posts are structured to change the success rate of prospects. Materially changing prospects’ ability to move the needle was a game-changer for me. It will be for you too. Show prospects your “better way” and invite them to join you on a journey to teach them how to have that same success.


4. Keep it brief and ALWAYS make a call to action. My video (in the above example) is two minutes long for a reason. More importantly I go for it. I try to get a lead. Don’t be afraid to. You’re not selling-you’re helping prospects take a step toward solving their problem, learning a new skill or avoiding a risk. Make sure you don’t confuse your prospect’s strong desire to get some relief (for free) with their not wanting to be pitched what you sell. Short videos that scratch itches and contain calls-to-action (using URLs in the description and within the video) work. Period.  Make sure all of your videos have calls to action.


5. Dominate. I’m currently dominating page 1 search results for this term. I’m not bragging. I’m saying, “Look … you can too!” Now, with this video, I have increased my chances of being discovered as an expert and engaged with. This leads me to … leads!


How long should it take to start generating leads on your blog? Yes, “it depends” but in many cases we’re talking about a few months. Good luck!”


Pretty helpful, right? If you are interested in getting more leads out of your blog, contact us!



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