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  • May 01 / 2013
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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Business BloggingPut a Face on Your Business!

For the next four weeks we are going to share some vital information on blogs, newsletters, social media, and marketing analysis. If you aren’t using your website for inbound marketing, you are really missing out! Stick with us this May to learn how to boost your business like no other…we think you’ll like the results.


Carolina from CC Marketing Online wrote an awesome article, Why Your Website Needs a Business Blog, explaining the importance of this key marketing tool.


“This is a really common question from small business owners. A blog may seem like an unnecessary tool but it’s actually an important marketing asset. The simplest way to look at your business blog is that it is an easy-to-maintain way to spread your brand message to current and prospective clients on a regular basis. Your blog has greater reach than your email list or your website. It’s a consistent marketing tool that can be easily updated.


Your blog helps position you as an expert in your field. You can post content about your industry, how-to’s and other helpful material to show prospective clients that you know your business – and their needs – inside and out. You’ll quickly credibility with visitors to your site.


Your Business Blog and Social Media


Your business blog can go hand in hand with social media to market your business. Many business owners have gotten excited about setting up their Facebook or Twitter pages only to be faced with the challenge of then figuring out what to share on social media. With a business blog, you will have a regular supply of relevant, original information to share with your readers.


While it’s important to market your business with social media, you still need a “home base” for all of your social media and marketing activities. Some businesses have moved away from blogging in favor of other platforms, like Facebook. The drawback with that is that they don’t own their content when it’s posted to Facebook. With a blog, you have control over your content and one space to direct your social media traffic. Whenever you publish a new blog post, you can let your social media followers know and encourage them to visit your site.


What About Blog Content?


To get the best results from your business blog, you’ll need to update it regularly with good content. But don’t worry if you’re not a writer! You don’t have to think about content just in terms of text. You can use different media for your content, such as video demonstrations, podcasts, photos, slideshows and screencasts. Keep it interesting, and you’ll keep visitors coming back.


Updating your content regularly is important for your visitors and the search engines as well. Google and other search engines look for fresh content when ranking your page. As long as you’re using the right search engine terms within your content and updates, you’ll be able to attract search engine traffic.


Your blog puts a face on your business. Use your business’s blog to define your brand and position yourself as an expert in your industry. And don’t worry if you’re new – it gets easier with time!”


So here at NSquared we say try blogging, put a face on your business, and start reaping the hard core benefits.


Want to learn more about blogging on your site?  Contact us today and we can get your inbound marketing campaign rolling!

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