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  • Feb 06 / 2013
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Too Much Animation on a Website

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Animation on a web page is great.  It can demonstrate creativity, sophistication and it builds value in the viewers eyes.  But when is too much, too much?

Cute cat fetching mail for owner animated gif

As an example, I had a client who needed a face lift on their dated site.  When I sent a layout concept, it was an image so I had to explain what will be animated and how the features will work. The site had a top navigation menu that displayed a drop down for sub-categories, a rotating banner in the middle and some fun icon buttons on the bottom for navigation that glowed on rollover.

Excavator car wash

Since much of the “animation” happened when the user interacted with the element, it was not overwhelming and did not detract from the content.

Once we started building the site and they were reviewing the progress, scope creep set in and they wanted more and more animations.


With every revision their sophisticated site began to look more and more amateur. This multi-million dollar company was cheapening their site with more programming.  Eventually we had to put our foot down and try to redirect the client back to the original concept.

Too much animation is like too much makeup, or perfume, at a certain point, you may start to look cheap.



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  • Jan 17 / 2013
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What a Bad Website Says About Your Business

When it comes to a website for your business, “something is better than nothing” is not the case.  Often people will throw anything up to have an online presence without realizing that poor design or functionality is actually a reflection to the user of your business.


While you may strive to provide excellent service, top notch products and want to be a cut above the rest, when your website looks, well, like an amateur, so do you.  Here is an example two stores that sell fabric online.  Both are considered small businesses that strive to give their customers the best products and service possible:


Store 1

Store 2


Both are ultimately trying to sell us fabric.  Store 1 is difficult to navigate, or even read for that matter.  Store 2 has a clean design, easy navigation and great calls to action throughout.  It is inviting and professional.  The fact of the matter is Store 2 gets wallets open while Store 1 can potentially turn away business.


That being said, it would be better to have a nice landing page with information on how customers can reach your business than an ugly website.  Of course a landing page will not get you high in search results or give customers an interactive experience with your business, but a bad website will not either.


If you are thinking of taking your business to that next level, give us a call or email us today!  We can start building your digital dreams.



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