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Make Money Using Social Media, Part II

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Make Money Using Social Media, Part II

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strategyHowdy folks! Welcome to Make Money Using Social Media, Part II! This week we are featuring an article by Rosalia Cefalu, 22% of Salespeople Don’t Want to Make Money.


Our last post explained why social media value is on the upswing. Today we are going to talk about  why you should adopt a social media strategy (like that cool kid to the left adopted a strategy for getting his candy). Check it out!



Why Should Sales Adopt a Social Media Strategy?




Because your future customers are on social media!



Remember back when businesses would advertise in the Yellow Pages? Someone might look up “Law Firm,” call for a quote for their services, and the firm would answer when people called. In the digital age, it’s not so different. People “call” us in a lot of different ways — on the phone, via our website, on email, even in search engines. And when they do, we do our best to “call” them back, whether through nurturing materials, an email, or an actual phone call.



Now answer me this. If you got a “call” through social media … would you return it?



If your answer is anything other than of course, you might be in the 22%. For some time now, social media has been the voicemail box we just haven’t been checking. With growing adoption of social media, there are more and more messages being sent over social that you should be doing your darndest to pick up on. And if you’re not checking the messages, someone else will.72.6% of salespeople using social media actually outperformed their colleagues not on social media. Don’t let the salesperson outperforming you be from your competitor.



(Tip: The value of social media in the sales process extends beyond just being present where leads are communicating. It has to do with the soft skills many sales professionals have already honed in-person and on the phone. Any sales professional knows it’s extremely important to develop a sense of comfort and trust early on in a relationship. Social media can be the perfect medium for engaging in those conversations that will help you better understand your lead’s pain points, interests, and personality. In a world where we text before we call, the domain of sales conversations is expanding from the headset into the Twitter stream.)”


Stay tuned tomorrow to learn what you could be doing to increase your business! Contact us if you’d like to start a social media strategy today…don’t be the 22%!


“If you got a “call” through social media … would you return it?”Tweet This

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