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  • Jun 28 / 2013
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Tech Tantrums…Make Them Stop

temper-tantrumHowdy NSquared readers.


Have you taken a look around lately? If so, you’ve probably noticed the enormous amount of children on iPhones, tablets, and other gadgets. It’s not unlikely to have little ones navigating smart phones before they can even articulate words.


While here at NSquared we think it is fantastic to be tech savvy, it is not cool for kids to be buried in technology constantly and missing out on what some of us remember as a normal childhood (getting dirty outside, reading books made out of paper in a totally rockin’ blanket fort, and riding a bike, etc.).


Check out, 6 Tips for Defusing Tech Tantrums, for some tips on keeping your little techies in line.




“6 Tips for Defusing Tech Tantrums


My daughter had taught herself to swipe open an iPhone before she could walk, and since then, has found a few favorite apps she can navigate to, fiddle with and, occasionally, delete (along with emails, it turns out). She is not yet two years old, but despite our best efforts, she is drawn to the glow of a smartphone or tablet like the proverbial moth to flame. And it is when we try to wrest it from her tiny mitts that we have discovered the modern phenomenon of the tech tantrum.



Go anywhere today and kids are alternately staring with zombie-like glazed eyes at a tablet, or having meltdowns when they’re snatched away — in restaurants, at the mall, on buses and subway and, naturally, on planes.




To put this blossoming trend in context, I’ll share a few numbers. A Nielsen report last year found that in tablet-owning households, seven out of 10 parents let their kids play with their tablets. And a recent Pew study found that tablets are in 30% of U.S. households already, and that smartphones were used by 61% of mobile subscribers. Taken together, most of the 110 million households in the United States likely have at least one smartphone, and a few tens of millions of households have tablets (and some 40% of them are iPads).



Dr. Fran Walfish, a Los Angeles-based child and family psychotherapist and author of The Self-Aware Parent (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), said that she regularly deals with issues of toddlers, tech and tantrums in her practice. “We have a lot of 2-year-olds using tablets now, and I see 3- and 4-year-olds that are already addicted,” she said. “It’s mind-blowing and a little scary.”



1. Limit Exposure Time


Though the American Academy of Pediatrics has yet to adopt an official stance when it comes to using these devices, Walfish has adopted their recommendation that toddlers under the age of two not watch any TV programs that endorse the use of tablets or smartphones. For preschoolers, she said parents should limit screen time to about 30 minutes total per day, bumping that up to 45 minutes for kindergartners. Walfish added that kids shouldn’t be left alone to play with tablets or smartphones.



There are several timer-style apps that shut down a device after set periods of use, such as Kid Time ($2.99; iOS), Kaboom (99 cents; iOS) and Kido’Z Play Mode (Free; Android). Keep in mind that older children will figure out how to bypass these apps, so you’ll need to enable passwords to unlock your devices. Devices like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD offer features such as FreeTime, which allows you to set a time limit on tablet use.



2. Control the Content They Use


Kids should be restricted to games and apps you’ve vetted ahead of time. “For preschool kids, it should only be educational apps to help learn numbers, letters, colors and so on — ones which mimic the skills they’re learning,” Walfish said.



With iOS devices you can restrict and password protect the use of specific apps and types of content in the Settings menu, including the ability to add, buy or delete apps, or access movies or music, or access only kid-rated content among others. For Android, you can set up multiple user accounts so that your child has his own account and can only access apps you install. Tablets such as the child-focused Fuhu Nabi 2 come with powerful parental controls, including time-limit settings and app access restrictions.



3. Restrict Access to Stores


With the ability to make in-app purchases, your kid can quickly run up ludicrously high charges on your credit card (in one case, about $2,500 in a few minutes) without even needing a password. Lock down access to app and media stores so that your kid can’t download anything without using a password.



For iOS, you can turn on restrictions in Settings and turn off in-app purchases altogether. Similarly for Android, you can require a password for all downloads, which includes in-app purchases.



4. Use Devices as Motivators, Not Bribes


“Electronics shouldn’t be used as bribery, but they can be effectively used as motivators,” Walfish said. “Parents can say ‘show me you can get in the car seat and buckle your seatbelt and I can let you play on the iPad today when we get home.'” That’s a world different than offering access for not acting poorly. Walfish also pointed out that also doesn’t mean dangling your iPad like a carrot for every little behavior. It should have a role roughly on a par with ice cream.”





Contact us for all of your inbound marketing and IT needs. And don’t forget to get the little ones in your life techin’ it out in moderation. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Jun 12 / 2013
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Handwritten Notes Still Exist

pensIt’s true folks! Can you believe it? There are other ways of communication besides texting, tweeting, and face-booking.Check out 17 Handwritten Notes That Will Make You Smile…if you’d like to eh, well, smile!







“17 Handwritten Notes That Will Make You Smile




While handwritten notes can cause a lot of problems (see: Romeo and Juliet; your biology class), they haven’t lost their appeal. Especially when they’re sweet and sincere, like the ones below.





1. Found tied to a balloon — the most emotionally charged balloon since the one in Up.


Image courtesy of Reddit, ChrevanGohas




2. Found after the dog owner put the pet down. This kid has mastered the condolence card.


Image courtesy of Reddit, vexillifer




3. Found after a teacher confiscated a student’s note. If kids today are creating low-tech versions of classic memes, there might be hope for the next generation after all.


Image courtesy of Reddit, staplemaniac




4. Found by someone who now knows there are still good people out there.

Image courtesy of Reddit, flowhawke





5. Found by someone with an adorable mom — hopefully on top of a sandwich with the crusts cut off.


Image courtesy of Reddit, DovhPasty




6. Found on a car by a woman whose day was definitely made.


Image courtesy of Reddit, pamaci




7. Found by the girl who said yes; posted by the boy who’s still with her, years after learning the difference between “no” and “know.”


Image courtesy of Reddit, revulv




8. Found by a wife, 25 years after her husband’s death.


Image courtesy of Reddit, fistfullaberries




9. Found by a tired retail worker who now knows her work is appreciated.


Image courtesy of Reddit, CheckALLtheusernames




10. Found by a veteran whose sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Image courtesy of Reddit, Jermny




11. Found in a book — without a followup note on just how righteous the concert was.


Image courtesy of Reddit, drummergirl103




12. Found by a grateful car owner.

nice guy

Image courtesy of Reddit, /untitledleaflets





13. Found by a fellow Redditor who discovered he’s not alone.

A stranger placed this note on my desk after my biochem class today... the guy quickly ran off before I could say anything


Image courtesy of Reddit, yanchanator




14. Found by a student with an amazing semester ahead.


Image courtesy of Reddit, halpiee




15. Found in an elevator.


Image courtesy of Reddit, Nechronic420




16. Found on the Golden Gate Bridge, for those who need it most.


Image courtesy of Reddit, V1llainHD




17. Found by a waiter, who now knows of his superior skill.

Classy kids.


Image courtesy of Reddit, dankNbeans12






Stay tuned for more quirky, happy, and informative “stuff”. Contact us for all of your IT and inbound marketing needs! Have a good one everybody.

  • Jun 07 / 2013
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Password Pill:Swallow, Touch, & Go!

passwordHowdy folks!


How many passwords do you have to keep track of? How safe are those passwords? Would you be willing to pop a “password” pill that would emit your own electronic password and allow you the freedom of never typing another password again? Check out, Would You Eat a Password Vitamin Daily to Log In, below:










“Would You Eat a Password Vitamin Daily to Log In?








Passwords: They’re everywhere, and most of us manage a half-dozen or so, at least. They’re also the weakest link in the authentication chain because humans aren’t great at creating passwords remembering them.

A Motorola executive (and former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency head) Regina Dugan proposed a solution at the D11 conference: pills and tattoos.



“Authentication is irritating,” she said at the conference. “So irritating that only about half the people do it even though there’s a lot of information about you on your smart phone.”

One idea Motorola presented was the “vitamin authentication” pill. One of Dugan’s colleagues showed a small tablet that contains an electronic chip. After someone swallows the pill, stomach acts as an electrolyte in the chip’s battery and powers it.

The chip has a switch that turns on and off, generating an 18-bit signal like an electrocardiogram. Ones entire body would be the authentication token, just like the fobs that many office workers carry to get on corporate networks. The authentication could be activated by touch, since the human body conducts electricity — touch your phone or laptop and you’re in.

Ingestible sensors have been FDA-approved — a company called Proteus Digital Health makes the technology for medical applications, such as recording exactly when medicine is taken.

For Motorola, the question is whether the pill or a similar innovation — an electronic tattoo, which Dugan wore during the conference — can be adapted to other applications. (There isn’t currently any collaboration between Motorola and Proteus).



Of course, swallowing your authentication token every day would also mean passing it out of the digestive system (Proteus’ electronic pills leave your system in the normal course of digestion). It also isn’t clear that users will want to take pills every day — some people take vitamins, but most don’t.

Either way, it’s an attempt to think about a process that needs fixing – and at a minimum an attempt by Motorola to think big.”



Contact us for your password pills. Just kidding! But, we are here for all of your IT needs & inbound marketing. Stay tuned next week!

  • Jun 04 / 2013
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Awesome Websites You Need To Go To -II

copy-fa_headerHello again!  We are bringing you another site to escape work today.  This is is the best fake website you will ever see, fakeanything.com.  Fake Anything is an amazing site that is chock full of fake graphic art of TV Shows, Games and more.


You can browse your favorite shows and see the hilarious graphic art and even submit your own fake stuff.



You can get lost in here for hours.  Go, putz off, oh and your welcome!


And if you want to throw your hat in the internet ring to start a website or online marketing campaign, let us know, and we can help you on your digital journey. One pixel at a time.

  • Jun 03 / 2013
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Awesome Websites You Need to Go To

serious case of the mondaysDo you have a case of the Mondays?  Well never fear, NSquared is here to help you through this trying and often sobering day.  Through out the week we will bring you a site to help you escape work for a bit, and if your boss sees you surfing the inter-webz, just tell him this guy made you do it:

I made them do it!

I made them do it!



Okay, so here is a nifty site that claims it “has the hottest, most social content on the web. We feature breaking buzz and the kinds of things you’d want to pass along to your friends.”  We are talking about Buzzfeed.






They cover entertainment, politics, cute ducks, current news and what ever is a buzz on the internet (pun intended).  How can you go wrong with a site that lists articles on the front page like

The Stupidiest, Silliest, Most Senseless Barack Obama Ad Ever

31 Animals That Need To Calm The Heck Down


We love this site, most of the time.  I mean since it is a buzz (I can’t help myself) with trending topics, the politics can get a little polarizing.  But if you have ever perused Yahoo! news comment section, you should not be a stranger to that.


So go and enjoy a romp through the internet now to see what all the buzz is about.  Okay I was reaching that time.


And if you want to throw your hat in the internet ring to start a website or online marketing campaign, let us know, and we can help you on your digital journey. One pixel at a time.

  • Jan 11 / 2013
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Our New Site

social_networkingWe are really excited to start 2013 with this new site. We have often watched the excitement of our clients when launching their new site, and now we have the same buzz around the N2 office. We are happy to have a new forum to keep everyone up to date on our latest projects, lessons and community developments.

You will want to stay tuned as N2 is always doing something new.  Just in December we:

  • Launched 5 eBooks!
  • Designed an album cover
  • Designed new websites
  • Did a branding face lift on a company that is over 80 years old and one that has been servicing the Lake Havasu City and Parker Area for over 20 years!

Looking forward to a fun New Year!


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