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  • Sep 25 / 2013
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Graphic Design

Lake Havasu City Websites- Digitized Paper Drawings

20130917101819967Howdy readers,


Do you miss the good old days when people drew on…(gack), paper? I do. Well then you’re going to flip out over today’s blog: digitized paper drawings.



“iSketchnote Makes Digitized Copies of Drawings on Paper



With the use of laptops and smartphones, it’s rare nowadays to see someone actually pull out a pen and paper. But a new technology merges the traditional mode of writing and sketching with the technology of the iPad.

iSketchnote works as an iPad cover that digitizes a hard copy of words or drawings on paper. That separates it from other modes of sketching on an iPad, which normally require a specific stylus that interacts with the screen. iSketchnote uses a classic ballpoint pen with a metal ring inside that detects the movement of the pen on any piece of paper. It can play back the pen’s movement in real time and users can share these on social media or save them for later.


The technology uses a USB cord but, thanks to great success on Kickstarter — the project exceeded its goal of $35,000 dollars, boasting more than $214,000 at the time of writing — the team intends to develop a Bluetooth connection.

The ISKN team (ISKN being the sleek, shortened version of the product’s name) worked for two years to find a way to “combine the natural experience of familiar tools with the power technology,” as described on its website.

The technology uses patented sensors that work with the iSketchnote’s unique pens, which also come in different colors. The team began with a collaboration between Jean-Luc Vallejo and Timothee Jobert, who belonged to the French microelectronics organization called LETI. Future plans for ISKN involve partnerships with major pen companies to expand the project.”


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  • Sep 23 / 2013
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Graphic Design

Lake Havasu City Website Design- What Colors Mean, III

purple-and-white-marbled-tulip-rona-blackGood morning NSquared readers!


Are you a cool cat that always wears black, or does purple make your heart sing? Maybe you love the look of fresh white color and clean lines. Check out what’s behind the color psychology of purple, black, and white in today’s blog:



Color Psychology


Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Throughout history purple has been associated with royalty, nobility and prestige. It symbolizes mystery, magic, power and luxury. Purple is often used to portray rich powerful kings, leaders, wizards and magicians. Purple combined with gold can be flashy and portray wealth and extravagance. Light purple and pink is good for a feminine design and is a popular color among teenage girls. Bright purple along with yellow is commonly used in promoting children’s products. It gives the appearance of something that is fun and easy to do.



Black is often a color used to portray something evil, depressing, scary or even death in western civilization.  It has negative imagery with it at times such as “black mail” “black list” “black hole” etc. Black is also a very powerful color that also portrays one of class elegance and wealth.  Classy clothing is designed in black from the “power suit” to the “sexy black dress” to formal “black-tie attire”. Black combined with other colors can have a very strong statement.  Black is a color that can fit into almost every design to add contrast, type, and make the other colors stand out more.



White is often associated with being pure, clean, fresh and good. The color of a fresh snowstorm brings up images of a peaceful and pure winter scene. White is a common background for Webster’s as it is easy to read black or dark text on it. When used with a design using lots of negative space it gives a very clean look to it. White is also used lots for charities and non-profit organizations to denote something good and positive. Hollywood often portrays their characters in white as being good; the white horse, the cowboy with the white hat, the white wizard etc.  White usually is associated with being pure and almost heavenly, it is associated with hospitals, doctors, and heaven.”

(Tulip Image Credit:  www.ronablack.com)




  • Sep 20 / 2013
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Graphic Design

Lake Havasu City Website Design- What Colors Mean, III

il_570xN.367750344_fhu3Good morning folks!

Are you ready for today’s color psychology?




“Color Psychology



Green is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. It is often used to represent anything having to do with health. Many pharmaceutical and nutritional companies use green in their logos and material to advertise safe natural products. Dark green is commonly associated with the military, money, finance, and banking. However it can also be associated with being new or inexperienced as being green or a “green horn”. Green is becoming a very popular color in design for web sites.



Blue is a cool calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. It is a popular color among large corporations, hospitals and airlines.  It is a color of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. Blue has a calming effect on the psyche. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea and is often used to represent those images. Blue is a color that generally looks good in almost any shade and is a popular color among males. Blue is not a good color when used for food as there are few blue foods found in nature and it suppresses the appetite.”





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  • Sep 18 / 2013
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Graphic Design

Lake Havasu City Website Design- What Colors Mean, II



Today’s colors just happen to be fall colors, which is perfect for this time of year. Want to know the color psychology of orange and yellow? Check it out below!


Color Psychology




Orange is a combination of Red and Yellow. It is also a bright and warm color. It represents fire, the sun, fun, warmth and tropical images. It is considered a fun light color that has appetizing qualities to it. Orange increases oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates mental activity. It is highly accepted among young people. As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. Any design relating to the tropics, something fun, easy going and youthful should incorporate some type of orange into the design. A darker, richer shade of orange can be associated with autumn.



Yellow is the brightest color to the human eye. It represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings. It is a cheerful energetic color. Yellow is often used for children’s toys and clothes. Yellow is often hard to read when placed on a white background so designers must be careful when using yellow, that it isn’t’t too difficult to read or notice. Though yellow is a bright cheerful color, as it starts to darken it, however, quickly becomes a dirty and unpleasant color. Yellow can also be associated with being scared and, cowards. The term “yellow belly” is proof of that.”


…to be continued…








  • Sep 16 / 2013
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Graphic Design

Lake Havasu City Website Design- What Colors Mean

red-leaves-petteway_1505_600x450Good morning readers!


Have you ever walked into an orange room and felt invigorated? What about a yoga studio with soft, earthy green walls…does it make you feel relaxed? Colors have meaning and for the next few blogs we are going to share an article explaining just what they mean, the emotions they evoke, and the style they give off. Have fun!



Color Psychology



Colors have deep subliminal meanings that affect our thinking and rational. They have symbolic meaning that changes amongst different cultures and countries.  We are faced with color choices all the time. The first crucial decision of the day usually comes in the morning when deciding what to wear. Often times we will choose our clothes based on the color of the mood we are feeling or wish to portray that day. Even more important than choice of wardrobe is the color selection for your brand or website. Color research and planning is a vital part of the design process. Before you even begin a design you must choose the appropriate colors that are effective in re enforcing the brand, message and overall tone.


Colors are a part of our pop-culture. We associate our favorite sports team by their team colors. Red Sox, White Sox, Cleveland Browns, Duke Blue Devils are among a few teams to incorporate a color into their name. Colors have become a part of our every day vocabulary; “Canary Yellow” “Carolina Blue” “John Deere Green” “Fire Engine Red.”




“An executive for a paint company received complaints from workers in a blue office that the office was too cold. When the offices were painted a warm peach, the sweaters came off even though the temperature had not changed.” – Pantone




There are the three primary colors of Red, Yellow and Blue. Then there are secondary colors of Green, Orange and Purple. Additionally, there are Tertiary colors that are combinations of the first two sets. Complimentary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and often evoke feelings of excitement. Analogous colors are those that are close to each other on the color wheel. These give a particular feeling whether it be warm and cozy or cold and depressing.


There are many different technical aspects when it comes to working with colors. In the print world Pantone and CMYK are the color formats, while online RGB and Hexadecimal is the medium. Because of this it is important that both the web and graphic designers work closely on the color process to make sure their colors transfer smoothly from one medium to another. A color may look one way on a particular screen but when printed out it looks totally different. It is important to come up with a color palate listing all of the different color codes that will ensure a unified color scheme throughout print and web.




Red is a very strong color. It is a noticeable color that is often used on caution and warning signs. It is often associated with stop or “beware”. It’s a hot color that evokes a powerful emotion of passion, lust, sex, energy, blood and war. Red is a good color to use for accents that need to take notice over other colors. Red is often used in flags for nations, as it is a symbol of pride and strength. It is also a sporty color that many car manufactures choose to showcase their signature vehicles…”



…to be continued…




Contact us if you need a new website, inbound marketing campaign, or IT consulting. Have a nice day, and stick around for more color psychology next time!




  • Sep 03 / 2013
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Graphic Design

Lake Havasu City Websites: Superb Typography

superb-owl-meme-generator-this-owl-is-superb-2b10d0Good morning NSquared readers!

Can words be art? Heck yeah! Check out, 30 Superb Examples of Typography, below. We are only featuring a handful of the examples, so if you want to see all of them just click the article link above. Let the typographic eye candy begin.














“30 Superb Examples Of Typography In Graphic Design


Write a Bike















Terrestrial Locomotive







Highway to nowhere















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