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  • Aug 15 / 2013
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Google Just Got Smarter (Again)

google-just-be-evil-300x300Bonjour readers!

Yes sir, you read right. Google got smarter again. How you say? Check out, Google Search Will Pull Info From Your Email for Smarter Results, below to find out.



“Google Search Will Pull Info From Your Email for Smarter Results



Google is ramping up its search functionality to make it easier to pull up what you’re looking for, from details about your flight’s status and upcoming dinner reservations to tracking information on packages.

For example, by typing “What’s my flight status?” into Google search, the site will sift through the data in your email, Google Calender and Google+, and then match it against real-time information about your flight. You can also ask it to show you pictures you’ve taken of anything from sunsets to locations and will then search all of your Google-related accounts to present them to you.



The updates will roll out in the next few days to all U.S. and English-speaking users. It will come to desktop Google search, as well as tablet and smartphones and will be compatible with Google Voice so you can ask your mobile device the same question.






The move is an extension of what Google has offered via Google Now for more than a year.


“This information is just for you—secure, via encrypted connection, and visible only to you when you’re signed in to Google,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Likewise, you can also control whether you want the service on or off.”


An icon at the top of the search results page can be turned off and to block the feature permanently, the “private results” section in settings will do the trick.”


Image: Google




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